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Hey, Ronald here. As a CGI Director, I’ve worked with many brands and marketing teams over the years in the region. I’ve observed our clients voice challenges of maintaining brand consistency in diverse Southeast Asian markets. Traditional methods often lead to visual inconsistencies, diluting the brand’s visual identity. CGI technology provides a solution that ensures uniformity, improving brand identity across various regions and platforms. This blog looks at how using CGI strategically, including tools like NVIDIA’s Omniverse, effectively tackles these issues.

Enhancing Brand Identity with Precision

CGI enables brands to achieve a level of detail and precision that traditional photography often requires extensive manual enhancement to match. Furthermore, videography has physical limitations of how close up you can go while moving the camera. This limitation affects storytelling, the kind that’s needed especially in complex products like Razer’s gaming peripherals. CGI enables us to help brands showcase intricate features and deepen narratives. The precise execution of CGI’s product and camera movement mirrors the brand’s meticulousness, impacting overall brand perceptions.

Scalability Across Platforms

CGI’s scalability ensures quality and consistency across platforms and enhances operational efficiency. By enabling the sharing of 3D assets with other vendors and eliminating the need for repeated photoshoots, CGI simplifies content updates — just by having artists open and render files. This streamlined process proves more scalable and consistent, perfectly suited for dynamic content needs across varied digital platforms. Brands like L’Oréal benefit greatly from this approach, maintaining visual consistency while swiftly adapting their marketing strategies for diverse audiences throughout Southeast Asia.

Cost-Effective Brand Management

Using CGI, companies can cut the significant costs and logistics of traditional photoshoots, especially when dealing with multi-lingual packaging and promotions across SEA. Unilever has used CGI successfully to handle regional packaging variations for products like Clear. This method lets them alter text and designs digitally, avoiding the expenses and delays of multiple physical prototypes. CGI’s ability to be quickly updated and re-rendered ensures that marketing materials are not just affordable but also timely and well-suited to each market.


CGI industry leaders, including those at Masonry Studios, echo the efficiency and precision of CGI, recognizing its pivotal role in maintaining brand integrity and enhancing consumer engagement across the culturally and linguistically diverse markets of Southeast Asia.

Ronald Fong

Author Ronald Fong

A CGI animation director and educator who blends storytelling prowess with visual finesse, shaping his expertise in the creative realm. From technically-driven 3D animator to founder of Masonry Studios, he navigates challenges, shares insights, and empowers the next generation of creatives through tutorials, talks, and business wisdom.

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