About Us

Masonry is a boutique 3D animation studio. We craft and weave beautiful images into visually stunning stories with clients and friends.

We love the work we do, and it makes a difference.

We are a multi-disciplined creative team of artists dedicated to the pursuit of visual storytelling.

Delivering a cohesive integration of 3D Animation, Motion Design, Visual Effects and Audio work, we work with collaborative clients and friends! Creating visually stunning, effective narratives for their brands, products and services.

We adopt sustainable future-ready creative solutions for both artist and client, because we are rooted in the future of collaborative creative work.

Working with us

Work from concept to production, and beyond.


Ideation, Concept, Storyboarding, Animatics
Your story starts here — We work ideas into to storyboards, mood boards, mood reels and concept sketches. Whatever medium suits the visualization of your story, we’ll help you get started and excited about watching your ideas come to life. ‘Cause that’s just how we work.

We love it before we work it.


3D Animation, Motion Design, Visual Effects
Our bread and butter. The food for our creative souls — Doing amazing work with amazing people. We spend our days animating your story to life, and nights appreciating the work we do together.

Sound & Music
As the saying goes, 50% of a film is told through the audio alone. With an in-house audio arm, we design the visuals and audio hand-in-hand, resulting in some really tight audio-visual work.