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Don’t do VFX work on graded footage.

Learn why it's always worth working on the RAW Log footage instead of the graded footage in a professional VFX environment.
Studio Life

Starting your own studio — #3: Three pillars make a studio!

Studio visions generally are made up of one or more 'pillars'. Ours happens to have three, and these pillars make up our studio's vision. Guiding…
Studio Life

Starting your own studio — #2: Making tough decisions easy

Tough decisions are well, tough. lol. But they can be easier! Having a vision for the studio is like having someone you trust tell you…
Studio Life

Starting your own studio — #1: Vision before Action

There are a multitude of things to do before embarking on something like starting your own studio.Here's the most important thing we did before starting…
Studio Life

That time we gave birth to a studio.

Welcome to the first inappropriately appropriate post. Here we briefly share our journey of starting Masonry Studios! This post in particular is for any like-minded…