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Guide to the Singapore Animation Industry

This oversimplifies the economics of the industry, but it highlights the importance of students reaching out to professionals in their desired field to ensure that…

Know your Value as a Creative

It’s graduation year at art school. Classmates believe that focusing solely on their craft will lead to success, and the money will follow. “Real artists…

Problems And How to Manage Them

Most of us will probably panic when we hear our partners go 'We have a problem..'. A quick search will reveal these associative words; complication,…
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How to charge for your work as an artist (or a new studio)

Creatives and artists often struggle to figure out how much to charge for their work as it's a seemingly subjective task. But what if i…

How to Avoid Breaking the Partnership Approach

We shared our partnership approach and how to define the needs and wants of a project but how do we avoid breaking the partnership approach…
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Lighting CGI without HDRIs for VFX

Lighting CGI without HDRIs for VFX is possible to a certain extent. But why do this? Well, sometimes, you might not have the luxury of…
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Why work in ACES?

Why work in ACES? The short answer is, why not? And the idiot's answer is beautifully written in "An Idiot’s Guide to ACES" by toadstorm…

Needs and Wants in 3D Animation and VFX

The needs and wants in a 3D animation, VFX or motion design project are two important things that you need to understand for better project…
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ACES workflow for VFX production (ACEScg)

In light of why we advocate for not doing VFX work on graded footage, here's how we convert camera footage for an ACES workflow for…

Our Partnership Approach in 3D Animation And VFX

Understand more about our partnership approach, why we feel it is important and how it can help you too!
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Don’t do VFX work on graded footage.

Learn why it's always worth working on the RAW Log footage instead of the graded footage in a professional VFX environment.
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Starting a studio: Defining a vision with three pillars

In the spirit of our mini series on starting a studio, let's talk about how to get around defining a vision. Studio visions generally are…