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The secret formula to designing dynamic commercials.

"When do we move what?" and "How should we move it?". Is there even a formula for this question? Probably.

Why Set Goals and Objectives in 3D Animation Projects?

Creating a 3D animation project is a challenging task that requires a clear understanding of the goals and objectives. It involves a complex process of…
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Assembling the Dream Team

Prior to a successful CGI creative film project, we need to be assembling the dream team. There needs to be one director, one art director…
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Choosing Your 3D Animation Software

Pick software that is generally forward-looking, non-exclusive has open-source data formats in their development roadmap, and has a fairly large user base for community support.

Get a stunning 30-second cinematic CGI commercial delivered in 7 weeks.

Not your cookie-cutter type of commercial. Here's how to get bespoke 30-second stunning cinematic CGI commercials delivered in 7 weeks.

The Importance of the Creative Brief in 3D Animation Projects

In today's fast-paced world, where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, businesses and individuals are turning to 3D animation to bring their visions to…

Designing a 3D Animation Production Workflow

I've seen a peculiar mindset among some folks—let's call it the "I'll work super fast and magically make it" mentality. But let me tell you,…

Animation Rigging: From Manual to Magical

Despite being good at it, the inscalability of the manual rigging didn't make sense to me.

Anticipate Problems in 3D Animation Projects: Two Approaches To Try

So you got the brief from the partner, shared the relevant costings and agreed on a schedule to produce the creative work for their intended…

Guide to the Singapore Animation Industry

This oversimplifies the economics of the industry, but it highlights the importance of students reaching out to professionals in their desired field to ensure that…

Know your Value as a Creative

It’s graduation year at art school. Classmates believe that focusing solely on their craft will lead to success, and the money will follow. “Real artists…

Problems And How to Manage Them

Most of us will probably panic when we hear our partners go 'We have a problem..'. A quick search will reveal these associative words; complication,…