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SORA, OpenAI’s text-to-video generator, has recently unveiled demo videos with noticeably fewer temporal or morphing artifacts compared to previous tools for AI Generated Videos.

The influence goes beyond SORA; AI-generated videos now exhibit remarkable realism, a stark contrast from their initial underwhelming results just a year ago. Considering this trajectory, it’s plausible that they will affect traditional stock footage resource sites and impact entry-level CGI artists.

I enthusiastically shared this exciting development on my social media platforms, only to find that many fellow creatives harbor apprehensions about this AI Generated Videos technology. Undoubtedly, it represents a paradigm shift, as succinctly articulated by MKBHD:

Of my Instagram followers, 58% expressed fear rather than excitement about this development! This trend is undoubtedly concerning for CGI artists, especially considering the inquiries I’ve received from followers seeking my perspective on the matter.

Well, I doubt we can stop this wave of AI tech finding its way into our work processes, so TL;DR:

I’d encourage us to keep experimenting with AI Generated Videos, have fun, and find ways to work with it.

If we tend to dismiss, dislike, or even hate recent AI developments, we’d need to ask ourselves “why?”.

  • Is it because we don’t understand it fully?
  • Is it because it’s insulting to art? Then again, are we artists or designers first?
  • Or is it because it truly undermines all the time and effort we’ve put in to learn the craft?

To all that, my view is to accept that:

  • It’s perhaps time to acknowledge, accept and adapt.
  • Change is uncomfortable; Fast change is very uncomfortable.
  • But, change is inevitable.

We can choose to avoid, not sing praises, or even villify AI, but it’s neither gonna slow down, nor pity the purists amongst us, nor baby the lil’ artist within us. Not even when every one of us boycotts AI Generated Videos. Simply because capitalism is surely going to find its way.

There, my 2cents ๐Ÿ™‚

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