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Consistent Sticky Notes

Brand Consistency with CGI

Achieve brand consistency with CGI. Explore how advanced tools like NVIDIA's Omniverse maintain uniformity and enhance brand identity.
Networking Event

Networking Tips for Creatives in Singapore

Networking doesn't have to be a daunting task, even for the most reserved creatives in Singapore. Find out how to navigate the networking world with…

CGI Video Creation Process for Marketing Professionals

Creating a CGI video involves five key steps, from developing a creative brief to delivering the final product and collecting feedback.
Creating A Brief For CGI Video

Creating a Brief for CGI Video: A Guide for Marketing Professionals

Understand the importance of a solid creative brief for CGI video production. Set yourself up for success with expert guidance and tips.
A depiction of Creative Mentorship

How to Find Creative Mentorship in SG

Find out why creative mentorship is crucial for young creatives and how it can fast-track your career growth.
Diploma Vs Degree

Animation Diploma vs. Degree

"Do I really need a degree?" An attempt at this age-old question, about career aspirations for animators and designers.
Poly Vs Uni - Difficult Choice

The Poly vs. Uni Debate

The poly vs uni debate in Singapore's CGI industry. Understand how the choice between poly and uni education impacts employability.
ColorProductionVisual Effects

Color management for CGI/VFX

All you need to know for color management for CGI/VFX productions.
A CGI render of a loose knit created using Houdini and Redshift

How to use PBR Materials

Level up your 3D graphics skills with PBR materials. Learn how to create realistic surfaces and enhance the accuracy of your 3D scenes.
Ronald Fong Glitter And Gold Houdini Particles Redshift Render 2 2048x1152

Difference between Textures, Shaders and Materials

We interchangeably use terms like "Textures", "Shaders", and "Materials" when we begin our CGI journey. While it might seem okay at first, mixing them up…
Ronald Fong Ace Your Job Interview For Creative Studios

Acing Your Creative Job Interview

Hey there, recent grads from ADM, NYP, or LASALLE! Whether you're from any of these schools or just starting your journey in the creative field…
Ronald Fong AI Video Generation Robot

AI Generated Videos: Fear or Embrace?

SORA, OpenAI's text-to-video generator, has recently unveiled demo videos with noticeably fewer temporal or morphing artifacts compared to previous tools for AI Generated Videos. The…

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